About Us

Synapse Labs refers to the brain-inspired concept of a synapse, which is a junction between two nerve cells. It represents the idea of a forward-thinking company dedicated to bridging the gap between human potential and the limitless possibilities of AI technology.

We are business leaders & industry experts passionate about

helping our customers drive growth, deliver exceptional customer & employee experiences, optimize costs, and manage risk through Big Data, Advanced AI, and Machine Learning.


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Who are we?

Sandeep Bose
Chief Data, Privacy, & Analytics Officer
Silicon Valley Bank
Chief Information Officer, Credit & Fraud Risk
American Express
Delivery Project Executive
Bachelor of Engg., Computer Science
Poona University
Dr. Madhu Sudhan Reddy Gudur
Director of Machine Learning
American Express
Post Doctorate
Stanford University, School of Medicine
Masters & Ph.D.
University of Michigan
Bachelors & Masters of Engg., Mechanical Engg.
IIT Madras