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Use Case Discovery & Prioritization

Use Case Identification
Collaborative workshops to pinpoint potential AI & Gen AI integration areas.
Use Case Prioritization
Criteria-based ranking of identified use cases for impact assessment.
Roadmap Creation
Development of a strategic plan outlining prioritized use cases and their implementation timeline.
Use case catalog, prioritization matrix, and a comprehensive roadmap.

Rapid Experimentation & Prototyping

Prototype Development
Utilization of configurable Gen AI pipelines for rapid prototype creation.
Experimentation Framework
Customizable framework enabling varied configurations and experimentation.
Leaderboard Creation
Development of a comparison platform showcasing model performance across multiple variables.
Solution Architecture Guidance
Informed architecture recommendations derived from leaderboard insights.
Solution Architecture Guidance
Prototypes, experiment reports, leaderboard analysis, and solution architecture suggestions

Build & Deploy Enterprise-grade Solutions

Solution Development
Creation of robust AI solutions using proprietary tools and methodologies.
Ground-Truth Data Generation
Automated creation of high-quality data for model training and validation.
Model Training & Validation
Utilization of generated data for model training and validation processes.
Deployment Strategy
Guidance for successful deployment of solutions within the enterprise environment.
Governance & MLOps
Ongoing governance & maintenance of production models.
Deployed solutions, automated ground-truth data, documentation on model training & validation, and deployment strategy recommendations.
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